September 5, 2015


Logo-PS-IMG_0138Because life is determined by the choices we make we have chosen not to be indifferent to the corrosive problems affecting poor children in our communities.

Founded in 2004 by Rev. Junior Cassule, Projecto Social Pequena Semente ” Little Seed”, with Legal Name  (ASSOCIAÇÃO PEQUENA SEMENTE), is a national Non-For-Profit humanitarian organization assisting poor children in Angola.

What sets us apart from other NGOs is the fact that we are a national organazation with a profound knowledge and sound understanding of the root causes of the struggles of our underprivileged children. We know how deeply poor our communities are because we too have been there. We work in partnership with Religious Organizations, NGOs and individuals who donate money, goods and business expertise in a variety of areas. We continuously endeavor to attract partners in the business community to further and better enhance our cause.

Our Vision

To be a Leading Model in child mentorship; we envisage a society of equal opportunities, hope and prosperity where Children are able to grow and develop their full potential regardless of social status.

Our Mission

To assist unprivileged children, victims of poverty, famine, social and family discrimination; by providing food, shelter, school supplies, clothing, and other essential needs. Currently over four hundred (400) children in poor communities receive assistance from Pequena Semente.