March 11, 2016


Primary School Pequena Semente

POSTERAs we look forward to tackling the issues of underdevelopment, we value education as an indispensable vehicle to drive our society towards progress and defeat extreme poverty. We know how far behind we are to achieving the Millennium Development Goals reinforced by the international community at the 2000 UN Millennium General Assembly on the Rights of the Child; Make primary education compulsory and available free to all”Nonetheless, At Pequena Semente “Little Seed”, we are looking forward to reducing the illiteracy rate among children by raising awareness on the importance of their education, while reminding parents and guardians of the future benefits of our common effort to educate them.


With the sponsorship of Mr. Manuel Domingos Vicente – The Angolan Vice-President‘s cabinet, likewise from BP and Chevron, a new school with six (6) classrooms was built in our backyard. The official inauguration ceremony was  successfully held on March 1o, 2016. That being said, about 540 children from grade 1 to 6 will have access to basic education in 2016 and onwards.

pequena Semente’s Primary School


escola fotografia