April 23, 2016

Food Security

Farming for Food Security 

Food shortage is a huge dilemma nowadays. Our communities are struggling, and we ought to do somenthing.

In order to respond more efficiently to the growing concerns  about food supply, we are working to implement a Farming Project which will help us to become more self-sufficient and better prepared to respond to the challenges ahead of us.

Agricultural Project.

land PSPS

We are happy to announce the acquisition of a farm at Ecolo e Bengo municipality. With this, we hope to produce enough to mitigate the immediate need for food supply to the shelter.

Rev. Cassule at Pequena Semente Farm Land

Rev. Cassule at Pequena Semente Farm Land


The Goats Project

PSPS “LT” has purchased a small herd of goats with the purpose of implementing the “The Goats Project”. Initially this flock would produce milk  for consumption in the orphanage. Fase two of the project provides for the construction of a small processing plant (factory) for the production of yogurt, butter, and cheese from goat milk.Goats

Part of the final goods will be sold at local markets, and all proceeds will revert in favor of Pequena Semente to help with other immediate financial obligations.