September 5, 2015


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We knows and understands the culture and the root of the problems affecting poor communities in Angola. We provide assistance to needy children and their families. Nutrition, education, Sheltering and healthcare have been the core of Pequena Semente’s daily priorities. We are serving, and empowering disadvantaged gifted children by giving them a place to call home, while training them for a future of self-sufficiency. But unless we do it together it won’t be done.

Volunteer at PS

For over a decade, Our mission have been carried out because of the generosity of hundreds of good hearted people who donate their valuable time, goods, services, finances, and knowledge to this honourable cause.

You are encouraged to join this group of people who care enough, and become yourself a volunteer to help us delivering excellent services to our children. Please contact us on the matter.


You can donate goods, services and/or finances. Your assistance will go towards helping more children in real need. Please be as generous as you can.

Cheques or charity vouchers should be made payable to Projecto Social Pequena Semente. receipts will be mailed to you.

Please contact us for further instructions.


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