April 12, 2016

Message from the board


Dear Friends;

It was far back in 2004 when for the first time we decided it was time to give a helping hand to needy children in poor communities of Angola.

Since then, we committed ourselves to influence and change children’s lives by feeding, sheltering, and educating them because we believe that our society can be better off if we have the courage to tackle the burden that weighs on our shoulders due to induced poverty and social injustices.

Although our work focuses on winning the battle against hunger and sickness; at Pequena Semente – “LS” we give a special attention education as a vehicle to social prosperity. That’s why we our own Primary School

The Angolan authorities, Churches, Corporations, NGO’s, and civil society have demonstrated their appreciation for our organization’s advocacy for the welfare of  children. More than 118 children rely on our daily assistance for basic needs, while about 490 attend our school from grade 1 to 6.

We have certainly achieved encouraging results through our operations, but we also recognize that there is still much more to be done, therefore with your support, We happily  accept the challenges that lay ahead of us to restore faith,hope and offer needy children whith a place they can call home, and lead  them to a future of possibilities.


Thank you.