December 19, 2015


JuniorThis is Who We Are

Projecto Social Pequena Semente “Little Seed” started in a poor community of Angola with an Angolan Pastor Rev. Júnior João Cassule

In 2004, like a good shepherd taking care of his flocks, Rev. Cassule while on his routine community visitation suddenly noticed a multitude of people wailing about a harsh punishment against 2 children (Siblings) accused of witchcraft – their hands were being burned with fire by relatives.

Without a moment’s hesitation Rev. Cassule intervened on behalf of those children and took them to the authorities. Unfortunately there was no system in place to accommodate the children. After failed attempts to take the kids to a government subsidized shelter, only one option remained: care for the children himself until they received the necessary medical assistance.

Two days later when Rev. Cassule went back to the community he learnt that the subject family had moved away from the neighborhood. Rev. Cassule became the sole caregiver of the 2 young children in his own home.  Shortly thereafter and upon observing the community’s needs he started a drop-in centre to help street children. His attention and dedication to helping those children in a very poor community of Luanda (Kikolo), gave birth to the now known ” Projecto Social Pequena Semente – Little Seed”

Today Pequena Semente is a Leading Humanitarian Organization based in Angola dealing with poor communities, and developing child centered programs to combat child abuse and poverty while offering tools to prepare them for future of self sufficiency.

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Projecto Social Pequena Semente in Canada

Pequena Semente is represented in Canada since April 2014